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H. David Thurston

Professor Emeritus - Department of Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 14850 (

Probably no more atrocious title for a serious internet page with pictures on tropical agriculture, crops, plant diseases, and sustainable agricultural development was ever conceived, but it is "attention getting" and the title is so bad it might even be considered good. Our department photographer (Kent Loeffler) and his fiendishly clever assistant (Ed Mackillop) were the individuals that came up with the title and cover design.

This page has over 2,500 pictures on it. Kent Loeffler and Ed Mackillop were the individuals that did the hard work of scanning my slides into high resolution files (12-20 MgB) and also putting them all on CD disks as JPEGs. They also help set up this web page. I am indebted to them for their hard work and ingenuity on this project. Ken Sandlan, our department computer guru was also most helpful in this matter.


The contents of this page consist of over 2,500 pictures, most of which I have taken in the last 50 years in various parts of the world. Many are from slides I have used in teaching courses on conventional plant pathology, tropical plant pathology, agricultural development in the tropics, sustainable development, and traditional practices of farmers in developing countries. They might be useful in your work, in your teaching, or for your edification.

There are two Microsoft programs on the page. They are both a compressed Microsoft Word Index document (Mac: Index.sit, PC: which, using the Find Command, you can use to find specific items on the page. Where the information is available, each picture on the disk lists: Slide Number, Date, Site, Hosts, Disease Name, Subject,Scientific name, Slide credit, and Additional information. When locating a specific slide, you must scroll up to the first slide in the category to determine the cateogory title. For example, if you search the document for "mountains," Microsoft Word will highlight #36. You must then scroll up to find that this slide is in the TRADAG5 group.

All of these pictures are also available in high resolution files (12-20 MgB) here in the Plant Pathology department of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Write to me ( or Kent Loeffler ( if you want one of the pictures at a high resolution. A $ 15.00 handling charge for sending you each high resolution file would be appreciated. High resolution pictures can be sent via email if the receiving server can accept files of this size (certain servers have a file size cap and will not receive large files) or can be burned onto a CD and sent by US Postal Service. Please indicate a preference when requesting a file.

You will note that in the MS "Index.doc"under "Slide Credits" that whoever took the picture is credited. I took most of them, and it is not necessary to obtain my permission to use a picture, but where they are used elsewhere appropriate credit would be appreciated. However, anyone that uses a picture I did not take will be responsible to obtain permission from the "author" or "owner" of the picture, especially if the picture might be copyrighted. Where it is unclear who is the "author" or "owner" of a picture, this is indicated by questions marks and you use them at your risk. Feel free to use the pictures with these restrictions in mind.

Let me know if you have questions.

To obtain information about a given picture follow this procedure:

For example, the picture designated as 05JPG in the Flower1 folder is a picture of a Hibiscus flower described in the Index.doc Microsoft Word program as follows:

Slide Number 5
Date 2/18/63
Site Girdot, Colombia
Disease Name
Scientific name of pathogen
Subject Hibiscus flower
Slide credit Thurston
Additional information Flowers

Listing of Slides by Microsoft Word Find command and description of folder contents:

(Note: To view Slide Information and Images at the same time, click HERE)


 # of


 Link to Slide Information
Andes 68 Andean Slides
Asia-Afr 30 Asia/Africa - people
Banana-1 49 Bananas - Diseases
Banana-2 33 Bananas - General
Brown rot 20 Brown Rot (P. Solanacearum)
Cacao 56 Cacao, Cocoa slides
Cassava1 40 Cassava General
Cassava2 29 Cassava Virus & Insects
Cassava3 33 Cassava ­ Superelongation & Cercospora
Cassava4 32 Cassava Fungi & Bacteria
Cassava5 39 Cassava Processing
Cereals 30 Cereals and Miscellaneous Diseases
CGIAR-1 34 Consultative Group 1
CGIAR-2 32 Consultative Group 2
Coffee 75 Coffee Slides
Colomb-1 40 Colombian Slides
Flower1 47 Flowers, Ornamentals
Fruit-1 40 Fruit Slides
Fruit-2 40 Fruit Slides
Fruit-3 35 Fruits and Nuts
Hunger 31 Hunger and City Slides
IA602 79 International Agriculture - 602 Field Trips
Institut 40 International Institutes
LatinAm 33 Latin American People
Legumes 97 Crop Legume Slides
Llanos 23 Colombian Llanos
Maize1 36 Maize/Corn General
MaizeDis 44 Maize/Corn Diseases
Millet 19 Millet Slides
Misc-1 60 Miscellaneous 1
Misc-2 40 Miscellaneous 2
Moko 18 Moko Disease (P. Solanacearum)
Mulches 100 Mulch & Slash/Mulch slides
P.inf 76 Phytophthora infestans
P.sol-1 31 Pseudomonas solanacearum
Palms 48 Palm slides
Pests 92 Insects, Diseases, Weeds, etc.
Plantain 30 Plantain and Cooking Banana Slides
Potato1 56 Potato Slides
R.Beds 86 Raised Bed Slides
Rice-1 72 Rice - General
RiceDis 31 Rice Diseases - Fungi
RiceVB 32 Rice - Virus & Bacterial Diseases
Roots1 69 Root and Tuber Slides
Rubber 26 Rubber Slides
Sorghum 20 Sorghum Slides
Spices 14 Spice Slides
SugCane 33 Sugar Cane Slides
Tea1 7 Tea Slides
TradAg1 28 Traditional Agriculture
TradAg2 40 Traditional Agriculture
TradAg3 40 Traditional Agriculture
TradAg4 40 Traditional Agriculture
TradAg5 40 Traditional Agriculture
TradiAg6 40 Traditional Agriculture
TradAg7 20 Traditional Agriculture
TradAg8 40 Traditional Agriculture
Tropics1 100 Tropics - General
Vegetab1 37 Vegetables
TOTAL 2566



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